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Welcome to www.discountrealestateclasses.com. This site was designed specifically for real estate agents and people who want to become real estate agents that don't have time to or don't want to sit in a classroom setting for hours and hours to get their certificate of completion of SAE & MCE course(s).

Not only can you take Texas real estate courses online 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week but you also can take the SAE & MCE courses at your own pace. This allows you the ability to complete the Texas real estate SAE & MCE courses without the unnecessary pressure of juggling schedules, calculating drive time, traffic conditions and having to stay in the Texas real estate SAE & MCE course classroom from start to finish.

Once signed up you will be able to access the site from any computer in the world 24/7. You also can go chapter by chapter stop at anytime then start back up where you left off when you login back in.

Oh by the way, because you are not in a classroom and in front of a trainer we provide this to you at a fraction of a classroom cost. You can buy one, two, etc. courses at a time from our large selection of SAE & MCE courses or buy a package.We even will meet or beat any competitor's pricing and there are even deeper savings on course packages. Ask us how you can get FREE classes and packages.

For more information call 512-917-3103 or browse through our links. Please note your savings will not show up until after you have selected your SAE & MCE course(s) or packages and are ready to checkout.

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